Sad Mac?

Bring your broken Macs to DEMC! We service everything from Apple laptops to desktops to servers. If it's Apple, we can repair it.

All work performed by factory trained technicians.




Avoid the long lines and inconvenient locations of Apple Stores. Get your machine fixed without the wait. All repairs are done in-house, unlike Apple stores, which may send your computer to California to be serviced.

Older Mac?

We're known for servicing Macs regardless of their age. Have a machine that still serves you well but needs a fix-up or a new part? Don't throw it away! Come to us and we'll make it as good as new.



No appointment necessary. Unlike some other computer repair centers, you can bring your computer in at your convenience.



Did you know that many hardware failures are caused by dust and dirt buildup inside your machine? Periodic internal cleaning will increase the life of your computer. Come in for a professional cleaning regularly.