About DEMC

Danbury Electronic Music Center has been in business for 37 years. It all began at 84 Federal Rd. in a 500 square foot shop. Gary and Ellen Schwartz started out with inventory that came mainly from their music room at home. It was 1976 and the electronic music boom had just begun. Soon the shop was expanded to double its original size. Over the years, there have been several Federal Rd. locations including #84, #92 #98 and #62. For many years inventory centered around synthesizers, electric pianos, P.A. and recording equipment. With the introduction of MIDI, computers entered the music scene and more computer related equipment made its way onto DEMC's sales floor. It was at this point that the acronym DEMC was modified to include Multimedia as opposed to music. Today DEMC is a full-fledged Service Center.


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